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We need public liability insurance, can you supply this? 

Yes, we have PLI and will supply a copy of this this once you have made your booking

Can you supply us with risk assessments?

Yes we do supply copies of the operational and loading in risk assessment. We’d also be happy to arrange a site visit in advance of your event, if this helps?

Do you have an up to date Health & Safety certificate? 

Yes, all staff have also undertaken their correct food qualifications. 

Is your tech PAT tested?

All new machines have been CE marked and are under 2 years old, so do not need PAT testing. All older tech have been PAT certified. All of our tech is checked regularly.

How many members of staff will we need at our event?

It depends on the product, anticipated footfall and your general set-up. We’d recommend anything between 2 - 4 staff members. We will work with you and advise and agree with you accordingly.

Will you attend events in Europe? 

Yes we do! Get in touch!

Do you take your carts for events outside of Europe?

Yes we can! Please get in touch with your event information, and country, we can advise on how we can make this happen.

What if I want to hire the cart for less than 3 hours?

You can still hire our kit for a shorter period, but best to discuss your event details with our team first.

What will your staff wear? 

We dress our staff in smart-casual all black tee’s or shirts (if requested), black trousers and comfy black shoes with black aprons over the top. 

Can I provide a uniform?

If you wish, of course, just let us know and we can provide staff sizes a fortnight ahead of your event.

Do you offer marketing support?

We would love to! From blog posts, to stories on IG or a little video teaser (even a full schedule of content and assets) please ask for more details when you enquire about your event. 

I don’t want queues, how will your team manage this?

We love queues - remember, queues create demand! However we do understand this isn’t always ideal, so we can work with you to develop a bespoke process depending on your set-up, anticipated footfall and event objectives. Be sure to provide as much information as possible and we can together work out the best solution.

Is there anything we need to know about your set up?

Crucial information is outlined in our events brochure, including the size of our kit. You can download the brochure from our enquiry page.You will also find this information in your booking contract, but the most important things to remember are: step-free access to the event space, wifi (15mb upload and download speed ideally - this should be password protected and NOT public wifi), 1x metre behind our kit and 2x 13amp plug sockets. 

Do you need wifi?

Yes! Ideally you will provide this as outlined above, in your booking contract (make sure you ask for further details too!) We will usually carry a dongle with us too. 

How much space do you need for your setup?

Please check the brochure for the dimensions of our kit. Each event will be different, so do check with your allocated Account Manager, well ahead of time to mitigate if needed (also if the event space has lifts, please check the weight and size requirements beforehand - we don’t want to arrive and not quite make it into the lift! We cannot carry or lift our kit)

How long is needed to set-up and clean down?

Approximately up to an hour either side of the event but we’d request a 2 hour window for set-up just to be safe!

We want to build out your experience with our theme, how can we do this?

We L O V E becoming an integrated feature of any experience or event. Please ask us how we can help support you in doing this when making your enquiry.

Bespoke Branding/Packaging 


Will you supply templates for branded assets?

Yes we do

What are the general lead times to supply artwork for bespoke branding at our event?

At least 1 week ahead of the event date

Can we remove the Candy Mechanics logo and branding from the packaging and the Candy cart boards?

No unfortunately not. Please ensure these are not removed from templates, we do charge a design fee for people who remove our logo for the time required to re-work the design file and add the logo back in!

Is your packaging sustainable? Recyclable?

Yes, we pride ourselves on looking after our planet however we can. All packaging is made from recycled goods and you can even recycle the plastic sleeves! 

Can we make our own packaging?

Yes, no problem at all! Just remember lead times from ideation to delivery and your event date! Please also ensure we review this ahead of print production.




How many lolpops can be made per hour? 

Give or take; 

With 1x machine, up to 15 lolpop heads

With 2x machines, up to 30 lolpop heads

… we scale up to approx.15 with each machine per hour. Remember time is in the detail, so the more hair on your head or face, the longer the carve! 


What’s the average time per person? 

3- 5 minutes, Remember time is in the detail, so the more hair on your head or face, the longer the carve! 


Can’t you speed it up?

No, sorry! Carve precision is crucial for the best product. The advised time has been mastered.

Can we carve any body part?

No, we prefer your face. 

Are you able to tell me post event, how many lolpops you have made in total?

Yes we can, please ensure you request this as a necessity for your event as we don’t hold data beyond 48 hours of the event.


Yourpops & Candy Cards

What’s the average carve time per product?

We like to keep them limited to: 

Candy Cards: 1 to 3 minutes

Yourpops: 1 to 2 minutes 

How many products can you make per hour?

It will depend on the design you would like us to carve and the average time required per carve. We usually test the design ahead of your order or event and advise on this. We like to ensure this is done as far ahead in advance as possible. 

Can we use our logo on the yourpop?

Yes, please supply this as a PNG 

Do we have to personalise the product?

No, but everybody loves something personal, so why not?

Is there a character limit on the yourpop and candy card?

Possibly depending on the font you would like to use. Please like the logo and bespoke designs, supply what you would like and allow us time to test ahead of time. 

What about if we want to send the products to our guests, can you do this?

Yes, our dropship model is fantastic and our chocolate is postbox friendly. So long as you provide postal addresses, we can do this for you. Note that costs vary depending on location and how quickly you’d like the chocolate to be delivered. Please ask for further information.

Do you offer corporate gifting?

Yes we do and can create delicious bespoke designed chocolate for every occasion. Please ask for further details.


Ice Cream 

How many portions of Ice cream can be made per hour? 

Approx. 60 portions depending on your chosen menu.

Can we make our own menu?

Yes, we encourage it, please ask us how.

How many flavours can we have at our event?

We would advise 4.

Can we get branded napkins?

Yes, please ask for details and note we usually need a 2-3 week lead time to produce these.

Can we have multiple stickers on our ice cream cups?

We’d advise no more than 2. 

How many staff are needed to operate the Ice Cream machine?

4 staff generally depending on the length of the event

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