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The Story of Candy Mechanics: From University Art School Project to Tech Supplier

Images from Sam Part's D&ad project submission

Every great success story begins with a spark of inspiration. For Candy Mechanics, that spark ignited within the creative mind of founder Sam Part during his art school days. What started as a simple art project quickly blossomed into an international phenomenon, captivating the confectionery world with its innovative approach. In this blog post, we take you on the incredible journey of Candy Mechanics, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a leading name in the industry.

Images from Sam Part's D&ad project submission

The Birth of a Sweet Idea

Candy Mechanics was born out of a fortuitous spelling mistake and a stroke of artistic genius. During his final graduation art school project, Sam inadvertently misspelled "likeable" as "lickable." Instead of being discouraged, Sam saw it as an opportunity for creativity. Inspired by this happy accident, he decided to explore the possibility of transforming 3D scans of faces into edible masterpieces. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey that would push the boundaries of confectionery innovation.

Images from Sam Part's D&ad project submission

Early Success and Recognition

Sam's unique art project garnered attention and accolades, none more prestigious than the D&AD nomination. His ability to capture the likeness of individuals in chocolate lollipops sparked intrigue and fascination. The recognition not only validated Sam's vision but also set the stage for Candy Mechanics' future success. This early acclaim fuelled a drive to refine the technology and take the concept to greater heights.

The first live events cart Sam & Chris built for live events.

Growth and Evolution

Sam set up shop with Chris Tait, Ben Redford and William Leigh to explore the idea of using subtractive manufacturing to make Lolpops in just minutes. With some early success they soon expanded to meet the growing demand for their unique confectionery experiences.

This didn't go unnoticed by brands and media outlets worldwide. Their innovative concept and impressive execution garnered attention from renowned brands such as Godiva, Top Shop and even companies like Blackrock and Dropbox have embraced the immersive experience of the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station. Additionally, major media platforms including Forbes, BBC, and The Guardian have featured Candy Mechanics, celebrating their approach to confectionery and their ability to blend art, technology, and delectable treats.

With the inclusion of CTO Chris, development of cutting-edge technology was ongoing, and Candy Mechanics was able to automate and streamline their processes and launching the Candy Carve. This machine marked a turning point for the company, propelling them to explore appeasing the constant demand from around the world.

The new automated Candy Carve machine.

What next?

Throughout their journey, Candy Mechanics has been driven by a clear vision and core values: Innovation and fail fast.

Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, their passion for creating memorable experiences, and their dedication to innovation have been the guiding principles behind their success and still drives the team today whilst they strive to enable events businesses around the world.


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