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The Candy Carve machine enables you to deliver The 3D Chocolate Selfie Station with ease.

Read on to see how we automated the Lolpop creation process.

3D Scanning

We built our machines to integrate with third party 3D scanners. All you need to do is capture the image, crop and save the file. Our software does the rest.

Making a Lolpop 

Once the scan has been saved, the file will appear on the machines touch screen. Simply pick your customers name and follow the instructions.

Cleaning & Boxing

Now your carve is complete, take out your lolpop, brush it with GOLD and continue to boxing. Voila

Pricing & Model

The Candy Carve:

Buy machines and a monthly subscription to our software which enables you to run them as much as you like. 

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Supply Chain:


Buy moulds in the shape of our chocolate blanks. We will help get you ready to run events.


Identified an opportunity outside of the UK? Become a reseller today and bring the Candy Carve to your country.

Dive into our "Perfect Partner" blog series and find out how The 3D Selfie Station could work for your business.

Trade shows


Corporate Parties


Brand activations

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Tourist attractions

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Theme parks & Zoos

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Museum / Factories

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Food Experiences

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