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Retail Partners: Where does it work?

In this instalment, we highlight which retail environments the 3d chocolate selfie station will thrive in.

Number 1 is environments with captive audiences, ideally pre-booked or ticketed experiences: Retail environments and attractions such as, theme parks, museums, exhibitions, children's & tourist attractions. The number 1 characteristic is they need a large number of visitors who have already planned and paid for their visit. This captive audience provides an excellent opportunity to engage visitors with the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station, offering them a memorable and interactive experience to enhance their overall visit.

Whether the attraction is pre booked as a marketed up sell at online check out, or as an impulse experience your visitors are guaranteed to be amazed by this experience.

With a captive audience introducing The 3D Chocolate Selfie Station can elevate the retail experience by providing a captivating and interactive element. It offers visitors the opportunity to become a part of the creation process, allowing them to personalise their own chocolate masterpiece. This not only creates a fun and memorable moment but also drives engagement, encourages longer dwell times, and increases the likelihood of merchandise sales whilst being highly shareable on social media.

Following close in behind at Number 2 are attractions that are frequently visited for celebrations and special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or simply a day of fun, the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station adds a touch of excitement and novelty to these moments. Visitors can capture their joyful experiences in delicious chocolate form, creating lasting memories and unique take-home souvenirs. Think food experiences, Seasonal markets, interactive theatres, sporting events and holiday parks.

The venues we target often cater to families, children, tourists, and individuals looking for entertainment and leisure experiences. The 3D Chocolate Selfie Station appeals to a wide range of age groups, from kids who love the novelty of chocolate creations to adults seeking unique mementos of their visit. Imagine visitors stepping into a world of magic and adventure, and then encountering the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station. It becomes a captivating experience within an already immersive environment.

Retail environments and attractions can leverage the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station to enhance their branding and merchandising efforts. By incorporating branding elements on the station and packaging, they can reinforce their brand identity and create a lasting impression on visitors. Additionally, they can explore merchandising options by offering unique chocolate creations or customised packaging that aligns with their theme or characters.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in "The Perfect Partner Series," where we'll explore the aspirational aspect of the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station, its potential for merchandising, and creating a truly unique and personalised experience for visitors.

Wondering how profitable this could be as an addition experience at your attraction? Enquire to get access to more financial information.



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