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Revolutionising Event Experiences: The Power of 3D Chocolate Selfie Stations.

The events industry has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last 10 years, shifting from traditional passive setups to interactive experiences that engage attendees in exciting and memorable ways. In this blog post, we'll explore how our unique technology is revolutionising event experiences and creating a buzz.

Selection of lolpops made at live events, photographed by Candy Mechanics team.

Engaging Attendees through Interactive Experiences

Interactive experiences have become the lifeblood of modern events, elevating them from mere gatherings to immersive adventures. Attendees seek personalised and engaging activities that leave a lasting impression through interactivity and gamification. Candy Mechanics' 3D Chocolate Selfie Station fits perfectly into this narrative by offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

Photobooths, VR experiences, team games

Memorable moments in chocolate.

At the heart of Candy Mechanics' offering lies the ability to transform a 3D scan of an individual's face into a chocolate lollipop. The process is as mesmerising as the end result, with attendees watching in awe as their likeness is carved out of chocolate in just a matter of minutes. This personalised touch creates a truly memorable and shareable moment.

3D scan, watch as it is carved, photograph and package

Don't just take our word for it.

"Attending an industry event with the Candy Mechanics' 3D Chocolate Selfie Station was an incredible experience! I got to see my face transformed into a delectable chocolate lollipop, the process was so engaging and the stand was so busy. It was the highlight of the event and definitely a memory I won't forget." - Sam Hopkins, Event goer.

Candy Mechanics creating buzz at live events

Creating Buzz and Excitement

The 3D Chocolate Selfie Station isn't just an attraction; it's a catalyst for buzz and excitement. Attendees eagerly line up to have their faces scanned and watch as their chocolate replicas come to life. The interactive and immersive nature of the experience generates a sense of anticipation and curiosity, attracting more people to join in the fun and creating a vibrant atmosphere at any event. More importantly it gives an opportunity to interact with a captive audience.

Event Organisers' Delight

Event organisers stand to benefit greatly from incorporating the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station into their events. By offering a unique and interactive experience, they can captivate attendees and increase dwell time. The station becomes a talking point, creating a remarkable and memorable event that attendees will remember long after it's over. The ability to transform faces into chocolate lollipops within minutes sets it apart from other interactive experiences and event attendees revel in the joy of seeing their own likeness transformed into a delectable treat.

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Embrace the power of the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station and indulge your attendees in a truly unique and memorable adventure!

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