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The Perfect Event Partner series: Experience suppliers

Welcome to 'The Perfect Event Partner Series,' where we dive into the world of suppliers who deliver the key elements that make live events truly memorable. These are the suppliers that enable captivating talking points, create meaningful connections, excite and amaze attendees, and put smiles on faces through their exceptional experiences. Whether it's a photo booth supplier, a merchandise provider, a VR experience creator, or a sweet treat vendor, these businesses play a vital role in bringing events to life. They understand the importance of crafting captivating experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

In this instalment, we explore how incorporating the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station into their product lineup can enhance their offerings, renew client relationships, and take their events to new heights.

The Opportunity: Event suppliers have a unique opportunity to add the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station to their existing product lineup and deliver them at all kinds of events alongside their existing offerings.

  1. Memorable Experiences: The station adds a captivating and interactive element to events, creating memorable experiences that attendees will cherish. It becomes a centrepiece attraction, sparking excitement and engagement among guests.

  2. Renewed Client Relationships: By offering the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station as part of their product lineup, businesses can renew and strengthen their relationships with existing and new clients. It demonstrates their commitment to innovation and providing exceptional experiences, leading to increased client satisfaction and loyalty.

  3. Enhanced Event Objectives: The 3D Chocolate Selfie Station aligns with the event objectives of businesses focused on delivering experience, memories, connections, and talking points. It becomes a valuable tool to fulfil client briefs and enhance the overall event experience.

Lick Me I'm Delicious: A success story one exemplary business that has successfully integrated the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station is Lick Me I'm Delicious. This renowned company understands the power of creating memorable experiences and captivating attendees at live events. By incorporating the station into their product lineup, Lick Me I'm Delicious has elevated their offerings and delighted their clients with a unique and interactive chocolate experience. They have successfully renewed and expanded their client relationships by providing innovative solutions that align with their clients' event goals.

Bringing the Opportunity to Businesses Worldwide: At Candy Mechanics, we offer businesses the opportunity to bring the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station to their region by purchasing our kit. This allows businesses to expand their offerings, tap into the immense potential of the station, and deliver exceptional experiences to their clients.


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