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The Perfect Event Partner Series: Wedding and Party Caterers

Welcome back to "The Perfect Partner Series," where we explore the exciting opportunities of partnering with Candy Mechanics and their groundbreaking 3D Chocolate Selfie Station. In this instalment, we turn our attention to caterers. Whether you are delivering a wedding, a birthday or a corporate dinner, discover how incorporating the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station into your events can elevate the experience, delight guests, and boost your profits. So what are the priorities of a catering company?

  • Focus on creating memorable dining experiences and delightful moments for guests

  • Offer a variety of menu options to fit all walks of life.

  • Aim to exceed client expectations and ensure guest satisfaction to build your brand.

How can the 3D chocolate selfie station compliment these priorities?

  1. Elevate the Event Experience: Events that stick in the mind are either close to your heart because of the people you celebrate or because of the experience on the day. Creating good vibes, conversations and happy people is ultimately what a caterer is looking to achieve. There are very few ways to elevate an experience with hundreds of people on a budget. The 3D Chocolate Selfie Station adds a unique and interactive element to weddings and parties, making them truly unforgettable. It becomes a centrepiece of entertainment and delight for guests, creating a talking point and a memorable experience.

  2. Photo Opportunities: The station provides an opportunity for guests to capture fun and memorable photos while they create their chocolate selfies. Encourage them to share these moments on social media or capture a catalogue of images to remember the day in style.

  3. Differentiation: There are many caterers in the world, how do you stand out from the rest? The 3D selfie station will set you apart. Each of the events you take it too can be upsold and the cost to you can be minimal. Make your own chocolate blanks, play around with flavours and toppings, the world is your oyster to personalise this experience to each client and stand out to expand your client base.

Weddings and parties are celebrations of love, joy, and indulgence. By incorporating the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station into your catering services, you can elevate these events to new heights of delight and create lasting memories for guests. The interactive nature of the station, the personalised chocolate creations, and the upselling opportunities all contribute to an enhanced catering experience and increased customer satisfaction. Remember we are only selling limited licenses in each region. Act fast to secure your partnership with Candy Mechanics and unlock new possibilities for your catering business.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in "The Perfect Partner Series," where we'll explore how general event suppliers can leverage the 3D Chocolate Selfie Station to enhance their offerings and create remarkable experiences.


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